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During the 1998 spring semester 95 Marshall High School students, working in 31 groups, were engaged in researching Marshall history as part of a Statewide Technology Challenge Grant. Because Marshall was founded on the Old National Road, it and the original Route 40 were important to our research. While investigating the topics listed below, the students conducted 45 interviews and from them compiled approximately 200 pages of oral histories. Information gained from the interviews, research from at least one electronic source and three additional sources was then used to write a report of their findings. These reports were then revised and prepared for binding together with the interview transcriptions. Each group also prepared a PowerPoint presentation incorporating new pictures taken with digital cameras or old photographs which were scanned so they could be included. The final step for the students was the preparation of the websites posted  here.

The benefits from this project were numerous. Information about Marshall was organized and made accessible in many forms - book, video, and Internet. While accomplishing this, our students explored and learned (and suffered frustrations from) many new technological skills. But perhaps the most valuable outcome is the pride our students gained for their community and the respect students and the members of earlier generations whom they interviewed felt for each other. Members of the community supported our project by sharing their memories, family pictures, documents, homes, buildings, and even helping with the research. The students responded with enthusiasm and interest. It was a rewarding experience for all involved.