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Dual Credit Classes


Marshall High School offers college credit courses through Lake Land College's Accelerated College Enrollment Program (ACE). Students transferring to Lake Land College or a four-year institution will be able to complete an Associate or Bachelor's Degree in less time. Students must be of junior class standing, have a high school grade point average of "C" or better to initially enroll in ACE courses, and maintain a Lake Land College grade point average of "C" or better to continue enrollment in the ACE program.

After 5 absences in a dual credit class, the student will lose his/her opportunity for dual credit in that class.  There will be no refunds.

MHS credit will be given for the class.

Transferability of a course is at the sole discretion of the receiving university or college. 

Students should check with their high school counselor and/or the institution to which they are planning to attend.

For more information about Dual Credit, click here.


Marshall High School offers the following dual credit classes:

AGR 083    Small Engines    (3 Credit Hours)

AHE 040    Basic Nurse Assisting (Health Occ)    (11 Credit Hours)

AUT 048    Introduction to Automotive Technology    (2 Credit Hours)

AUT 051     Electrical Systems I    (4 Credit Hours)

BIO 100    Bio Science I    (4 Credit Hours)

CIS 088    Adobe Photoshop (DP II)    (2 Credit Hours)

CIS 090    Indesign/Pagemaker (DP I)    (2 Credit Hours)

MAT 125    Statistics    (3 Credit Hours)

MAT 140  Algebra with Trigonometry   (5 Credit Hours)

MAT 210    Finite Mathematics    (3 Credit Hours)

TEC 043    Industrial Safety   (1 Credit Hour)

WEL 047    Shielded Metal Arc Welding I    (2 Credit Hours)

WEL 057     Welding Fundamentals    (2 1/2 Credit Hours)

WEL 058    Gas Metal Arc Welding I    (2 Credit Hours)