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- Apply on line, click application link on home page or under Admissions

-Complete each blank 

- If needed print counselor form and give to Mrs. Frailey to complete

- Include application fee if necessary

- Order transcript from Parchment.com once application is complete

- Apply to more than one school





- Type all applications

-Use trancript and resume to help complete

-Add personal examples to all personal essays

- Listen to announcements each day or read them and check the website (Guidance- Scholarship Information- Scholarships)

- Check booklets/internet for deadlines and criteria

- Letters of recommendation—show consideration:  advance notice, address, thank you

- Keep applying

- Meet deadlines   


 - Listen to announcements or read them for dates of college rep visits

- Attend as many visits as possible, one visit may spark question or interests

- Sign up outside of Mrs. Frailey's office at least one day in advance in guidance office

- Show up if you sign up



- Call college admissions office in advance to make an appointment

- Complete College Day Form at least 2 days prior to the visit to the school counselor

- Take form around to teachers for signatures and assignments

- Return signed College Day Form on your first day back to school

- Limit of 2 college days for seniors, 1 for juniors

*If form isn't completed correctly, your college visit will not count as a college day instead it will be counted as an excused absence



Register online at www.actstudent.org

- April 13, 2019 (register by March 8)    * Test is given at Marshall High School

- June 8, 2019 (register by May 3)

- July 13, 2019 (register by June 14)



- April 27, 2019 Prom

- May13, 2019 Marshall High School Honors Night