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Subscription Databases are databases we pay for that give you reliable and valid information. No guessing or wondering if you have accurate information with these sources. Great way to check internet sources for accuracy, validity and reliability.

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Great Writers of the Modern Era

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World Book   marshall2;  password

Recommended Websites are free. Each of these contain information for a variety of subjects.

Wikipedia – great for getting basic information about topics you are not familiar. Be sure to check out the bibliography at the end for additional sources!

PBS.org – great free resource for information and multimedia. Be sure to look at the EXPLORE TOPICS tab.

Library of Congress – your one stop shop for historical primary resources including pictures, audio, video, and historical documents

DuckDuckGo - try this search engine. You will find the search results less "cluttered" and more relevant for your school assignments.

WolframAlpha - Need specific information about a topic? Wolfram|Alpha is a free online computational knowledge engine. Try it out by typing your name to see what kind of information you get.


Citation Makers It is important to name your sources. Use these easy to use citation makers and take the tediousness out of creating citations and bibliographies.

Easy Bib - Take advantage of the subscription features we pay for. You must create an account at school to access all features including Chicago Style.

Citation Machine - free and easy.