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United States History: 1865-Present Day

U.S. History covers events, problems, and many challenges that have occurred to help shape
our country as it is today.


1st Hour: 8:00-8:47

2nd Hour: 8:50-9:37

3rd Hour: 9:40-10:27

5th Hour: 11:19-12:05

Units of Interest:

First Semester:

Unit 1: Reconstruction & the New South

Unit 2: The Wild West

Unit 3: Cities, Immigration, & Reform

Unit 4: Industrial Revolution: Big Business, Strikes, Unions, & Reforms

Unit 5: America and The Great War (WWI)

Unit 6: Roaring 20's

Unit 7: FDR and The Great Depression

Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History and Civics!

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American History Database

World Book Online
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Student Resource Center
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World Geography & Culture Database 


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Decade Reference Book Link


Civics is the study of citizenship and government. Being a citizen of the United States means being part of a country and a community. Citizens of a country generally share a common history, customs, and common values. United States Civics includes how our government was formed and how it continues to try to improve equality and justice within our country.


6th Hour: 12:48-1:34

7th Hour: 1:37-2:23

Units of Interest:

1st Quarter: U.S. Federal Government

Unit 1: Civics and the People

Unit 2: American Revolution-Creation of Constitution

Unit 3: The U.S. Constitution

Unit 4: The Amending Process and Amendments

Unit 5: The Legislative Branch

Unit 6: The Executive Branch

Unit 7: The Judicial Branch

Unit 8: The 3 Branches