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Welcome to
Mrs. Pearison's Class


Email: bpearison@marshall.k12.il.us


Mrs. Pearison's Schedule

1st Hour-History (Co-Taught w/ Mr. Keown)

2nd Hour-Resource History

3rd Hour-Study Hall

4th Hour-Literature (Co-Taught w/ Mr. Curry)

5th Hour-8th Grade Literature

6th Hour-7th Grade Literature

7th Hour-Plan

8th Hour-Flex

Please contact me 7th Hour during my plan period 1:37-2:23


7th/8th Language Arts/

Monday, March 20

7th History-Louisiana Purchase pgs. 91-93

7th Literature-Sounder, Author Bio, Chp. 1 pgs.7-11

8th Literature-Same as 7th

Tuesday, March 20

7th History-Lousiana Purchase pgs. 94-96

7th Literature-Sounder Chp. 2; wksht 13-17

8th Literature-Same as 7th

Wednesday, March 22

7th History-Journey of Lewis and Clark pgs. 94-96

7th Literature-Sounder; Chp. 3, Wksht 18-23

8th Literature-Same as 7th 


Thursday, March 23

7th History-Journey of Lewis and Clark pgs. 100-102

7th Literature-Sounder; Chp. 4 Wksht 25-30

8th Literature-Same as 7th

 Friday, March 24

7th History-The Flag Was Still There pgs. 103-108

7th Literature-In Class Activity

8th Literature-In Class Activity