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North Elementary Computer Lab












S.   Sit upright, arms & wrists straight.


E.   Keep your EYES on the copy.



C.   Use CORRECT fingers.


R.    Keep a reasonable RHYTHM.


E.    Eliminate ERRORS properly.


T.   TAP your keys as if they were hot!



Websites and Videos 


use   Google


Keyboarding Online*

Keyboarding Race*

Nitro race typer*

Typing test*

Fast fingers*

Turtle Diary*

Tech Paws*

Use different browers

abcya (on special days only) use FireFox

Learning Games use Internet explorer

spelling city use internet explorer

PARCC games use firefox











Contact info:

Miss Penny's Keyboarding


Lab Rules

1.  Enter lab quickly and quietly.  


2.  Always use sanitizer.


3.  Listen for direction each day.


4.  Treat others Respectfully.


5.  Return to home page when finished.

6.  Always push chair under before leaving class.  



Positive ATTITUDE     Great CONDUCT        100% EFFORT

North School students:

  1. Will learn about safety on the Internet
  2. Will follow the Internet Acceptable Use Policy as stated in the handbook
  3. Will respect the property of the school, and treat the equipment, and each other, with respect.